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63% of Australian businesses waste time on admin tasks

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infographic-Time managementAustralian businesses face an immense number of challenges as they transition to the digital age. But what exactly are some of those challenges?

In 2013 our business partner Canon commissioned a research project to better understand the way people work and the day to day challenges they face.

Called Work 3.0, they interviewed 1,047 office workers from small, medium and large organisations across Australia. The results were recently released, and it gives us an interesting insight into business and worker behaviour across Australia, and some of the steps that businesses of any size can take to achieve ‘smart growth’.  The full infographic is here..

Work-3.0-Infographic-Time management

The Paper Problem

Of the workers polled, an incredible 63% waste 2-10 hours per week on repetitive manual tasks. That waste costs businesses as much as $16,415 a year in lost productivity. 62% say they struggle to find technology solutions to fix the issue.

The problem is highly concentrated in one specific area. 88% of common tasks involve data, document, or paper processing.

Imagine how much wasted productivity could be salvaged!

Fortunately, many of these issues which plague office workers are easily solved by implementing digital paper processes and automating manual workflow – simple solutions that will save your business a significant amount of money.

The Mobile Problem

The Canon research suggests that 41% of all work will be mobile in 2014, and yet 66% of workers don't have fast, secure access to the proper mobile solutions. That creates a huge gap between actual and potential productivity.

Workers realise this. 70.4% say mobilising processes would give them a competitive advantage. 

It’s fair to say that mobile is not only the future, but the now of work, and we're struggling to keep up.
Fortunately it doesn't have to be that way. Mobilising processes is easier than you think.

Using a secure cloud-based platform, you can arm your workforce with the tools they need to adapt their workflows to the ‘2014’ way of getting things done.

The Blind Spot

Many of us aren't even aware that these problems exist. Of those surveyed, one in two SMBs said they don't waste time on administrative tasks, but two in three admitted productivity losses on admin tasks! Quite a contradiction.

The numbers don't lie. Australian businesses are struggling to keep up and maintain competiveness, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Fortunately, there are solutions to help you work smarter and be more productive. Call us to find out how we can tailor a workflow solution for your business that does away with many manual tasks, and will improve the efficiency of your team.

Don’t let your business miss the opportunity to grow.


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