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Company announcement: BMS merges with efex

As owners of BMS, we are excited to announce that our company is in the process of merging with efex – a national technology services provider with a growing number of regional & metropolitan branches under it's umbrella. The BMS Group now represents efex’s Wollongong branch.

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Technical training goes virtual with HP


That's the first word that comes to mind when I look at these pictures. Even just a few short years ago I never would have thought something like this was possible in 2020.

What you can see here is our first training day with HP's Virtual Reality training platform.

With a combination of HP's VR hardware and their customized training software, our technical team are enabled to learn how to service & repair HP print devices without leaving our office.

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Our customer service commitment

 At BMS we're always working hard to provide every single customer with the best help & support possible.

To get a deep understanding of how satisfied our customers are and what we can be doing better, we have introduced a customer service rating system.

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Let the BMS games begin!

It's been four years since the London Olympics and now it's Rio's turn. To get in the spirit, we're hosting our very own BMS Olympic Games.

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Have you taken advantage of your small business tax deductions?

Have you been taking advantage of the tax deductions which were made available to small businesses this financial year?

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Our commitment to corporate social responsibility

For over 30 years we’ve been servicing the Illawarra and beyond with our IT Services, Document Management &
Print Solutions, and realise the impact our business has on the environment.

With this in mind we have established a strong culture committed to socially responsible behaviours, and participate in a few sustainability initiatives we’re passionate about:


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Team BMS in training for a great cause

It's fair to say that the Sublime Point track isn't exactly a 'walk in the park' in it's literal sense, but that did not deter us.

Team BMS were ready and rearing to go yesterday. It was a perfect winters morning - sunny, slight breeze and one of the best views across the Illawarra coastline awaiting us at the top of the track.

It's barely a 2km return trip, but with the track made up predominantly by (steep) steps - over 1000 of them in fact - it took our team just on an hour to reach the top.

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Greg from BMS wants to say Hello!

It's been a while since we last published a post in our "Hello" blog series.
We think it's nice every now and then to be able to share with you a thing or two about out team at The BMS Group, so that you can get to know the people that help you every day just a little bit better.

This time around, Greg, our in-house BBQ Tongmaster, has put his hand up to say Hello, and kindly opened up to share a few things about himself.

Read on to see just what our super-cheery Workshop Technician likes to get up to.



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Thank you for supporting the Wave FM Great Illawarra Walk

Over the weekend, our BMS team of walkers hit the pavement and walked in the Wave FM Great Illawarra Walk.

It was perfect walking weather, and the views along the way were amazing - Seacliff bridge being a highlight.

We'd like to thank everyone that supported our team, but most importantly thank everyone that made a donation.
We raised over $2,600, and collectively the entire event raised well over $100,000 which will be given to Southern Youth & Family Services so that they can complete the build of their Warilla shelter which will provide much needed housing for young homeless people in the Illawarra.

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A global number one ranking for BMS again!

We are so pleased to announce that yet again we have ranked number one GLOBALLY for customer callbacks in February.
Following on from this achievement in August last year, we are very proud to be 'officially' maintaining delivery of a world class level of service to our customers.

Translated, it means we are making fewer service calls to our customers, therefore interrupting them less, and giving them more uptime in their busy day. 

Our short slide presentation explains what it means in better detail, and the work we are doing behind the scenes every day to maintain this kind of result which is truly helping our customers add value in their businesses.


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