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Our reforestation partnership begins with Printreleaf


In 2013, Australia Post reported that 4.5 billion letters were posted. Conservatively, that number is equivalent to at least half a million trees that have been cut down and milled into paper. And that's just the letters that Australia Post have reported.

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All I want for Christmas is.... a Canon iR Advance C250i

Forgive our excitement - we know it's a multifunction device, but this one is special. So special that we thought it was worth writing a whole blog post about.

Introducing the latest print & copier technology from Canon. The imageRUNNER Advance C250i. And the reason it's so special?

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Conquer your paper mountain

If one of your biggest frustrations in the office is the amount of paper records you need to keep on file, we can relate first hand, and tell you that conquering your paper mountain is possible.
In fact, there are three different ways you can conquer it.

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What can mobile printing do for your business?

We’ve spent a lot of time on the cloud lately, and for good reason.

The changing technology landscape is changing the way we work, and the cloud is behind most of that change.

There’s some confusion, though, as to how necessary the cloud is to the future of business operations.

In its recent Workflow Optimization Study, Canon asked business professionals whether investing in certain technologies is “very or extremely important to running their businesses more effectively.”

The results indicate what Dennis Amorosano, Vice President and General Manager of Canon’s Business Imaging Solutions Group Marketing Division, called a “knowledge gap” between IT professionals and non-IT professionals.

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How technology can help you live locally and work globally

Business owners face enormous challenges every day.  Every challenge we face, from day-to-day operations, meetings, and sales reports to new revenue opportunities, falls under a single umbrella: growth. It’s why we do what we do.  No one, after all, goes to work every day hoping to run a stagnant business.  Growth is the ultimate prize.

Truth be told, it can also be a bit daunting.  When we think of globalisation, we tend to think of millionaire entrepreneurs like Scott Farquhar and Mike Cannon-Brookes.  These two home-grown software engineers typify the potential of local companies to go global.

Image credit: Dee Kramer Photography 

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Maguire & McInerney improve their bottom line with BMS support

Maguire and McInerney is a twenty seat law firm based in Wollongong, which also has a remote office in Shellharbour. In 2003, unhappy with their current IT services provider, the company turned to The BMS Group for all of their printing and IT needs.

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How technology and mobility can assist with business growth

We all know that the work environment is changing, and that the key goal for Australian small businesses in 2014 is growth. However it's hard to keep up with what's happening with technology, let alone how you can act on those changes to grow your business. This handy infographic from Canon Business Services Australia, condenses the state of work in 2014 to a more digestible, actionable format.

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A BBQ + Pinatas + indoor soccer + cupcakes = a BMS birthday bash!

Our team got together for our regular catch up last Wednesday morning. But this gathering was a little special because we officially got to wish ourselves a happy birthday.

Aside to the cupcakes courtesy of Elise from The Little Flower Cupcake Company, we once again got to enjoy a delicious breakfast prepared by Greg (our Tongmaster) and Esther.

Jenny showed off her high-heeled pinata hitting technique and we closed off our World Cup football festivities with a friendly little kicking game. Well, it started out friendly....

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Why your accounting system’s in-built document management doesn’t add up

You probably use accounting software to manage your invoices and pay the bills, which is what accounting
 software is designed to do.  But if you try to push its capabilities further than those simple tasks, you start to hurt productivity.

A dedicated document management system can keep your business on track, boosting productivity and eliminating waste in six key areas.

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Change your printing habits to conserve and save

Trying to digitise your office and do away with paper sounds easy in theory, but in reality it's hard.

You need to think critically in terms of planning and execution within your business.  And breaking old habits can be really tough.  Although achieving a complete paperless office may not happen overnight, there are numerous ways you can minimise the volume of paper you use which will help you reach your paperless goal in the longer term.

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