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Change your printing habits to conserve and save

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Start good habits to save paper and money

Trying to digitise your office and do away with paper sounds easy in theory, but in reality it's hard.

You need to think critically in terms of planning and execution within your business.  And breaking old habits can be really tough.  Although achieving a complete paperless office may not happen overnight, there are numerous ways you can minimise the volume of paper you use which will help you reach your paperless goal in the longer term.

It's pretty clear that using less (conserving) paper is a strategy that ultimately saves you money. But, it also has a beneficial effect on the planet as a natural by-product, so you are doing the earth a favour when you are using less paper as well. 

Here are some of our suggestions on ways you can save paper:

  • Print on Both Sides of the Page - This can pretty much halve your paper cost. So, check that your printer has this capability and if you can, set the default to double-sided instead of single-sided.

  • Email instead of print - Think twice before printing and distributing a document. Can it be shared via email instead?

  • Don't print emails - they often are left unclaimed on the printer, so why was it printed in the first place

  • Check your work - If you have a habit of sending something to print and them marking up changes on the paper document, try and start a new routine and check your work on you computer screen first before finally printing it.

  • Collaberate online or onscreen - it has never been easier to present information without the need for paper reference. The likes of Microsoft Powerpoint, and similar online applications mean that you can share the information that you need to at any time without printing it.

  • Encourage non-printing behaviour - establish good non-printing behaviour for your entire team and make each person accountable.

  • Track print usage for each team member - most print devices in an office environment have print tracking software built in. This means that you can review how much printing each of your employees has done over a set period of time. 

Hopefully these tips will get you and you team on your way to digitising your office and saving money at the same time. 

We've also put together a few stats on paper consumption which might interest you.

If you have any questions about printing in your office, or would like to know more about the range of Canon copiers and Multi Function Devices that we recommend, you can call us on 02 4254 5444 or view some of the Canon range on our website

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