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Good habits for a paperless office

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good_habit_guide_paperless_office_cover_Page_1Mountains of paper everywhere? Running out of storage for all those documents you legally must retain? Dreaming of an office without paper, or a lot less?

Fear not. Introducing some simple changes in your workplace will get you on the road to paperless 'freedom' in no time.
To get you started, we've put together a good habits guide that will help you and your team make positive change without too much effort or cost.

We think the tips included in this guide would work best if you assign a team owner to oversee the preparation & education your team needs to embrace them - making good habits the norm. With a resource that is dedicated to helping your team work towards a paperless office, you'll keep on track to conquering that paper mountain in no time - and as a result have a more efficient team being more productive in their workday. Download the guide.


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