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Hoax emails - our 'best practice' tips to keep your network safe

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Aust_Post_hoax_email-430589-edited-430674-editedRecently an email from Australia Post arrived in the inbox of one of our customers.
It looked real enough, but alarm bells rang when it asked the reader to click on a link.
The safe URL links that Australia Post embed in their emails begin with Below is the hoax email, and you can see the suspicious URL when you hover over the link - beginning with

Along with the Sandworm attack, this is a timely reminder of how prevalent hoax emails are, and the lengths that people will go to, to make them look very believable. 

We've put together a list of our hoax email 'best practice' tips to keep your network safe which includes simple actions you can take to avoid emails like the one above bringing any harm to your network.


As always if you are at all concerned about your network security, or have any questions about hoax emails, you can give us a call on 02 4254 5444 or email through your question. Alternatively, leave a comment below if you have come across a hoax email recently that you can warn others about.

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