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How technology and mobility can assist with business growth

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small-business-growing-painsWe all know that the work environment is changing, and that the key goal for Australian small businesses in 2014 is growth. However it's hard to keep up with what's happening with technology, let alone how you can act on those changes to grow your business. This handy infographic from Canon Business Services Australia, condenses the state of work in 2014 to a more digestible, actionable format.

Here are the major takeaways:

  • 80% of CxOs think that employees waste two hours per week on admin. That costs businesses over $3,200 on average.  

The solution is greater efficiency through technology.

  • Most businesses realise that and 53% expect an increase in their IT budget.

What solutions will that afford?

Mostly mobile: more than 78% of CxOs expect an increase in productivity from mobile processes.  That's because mobilising your workforce impacts nearly all areas of your business, from digitising documents and enabling productivity outside of the office to streamlining approval processes.  It also adds great flexibility, as the infographic points out.  Many Australian businesses are discovering the benefits of "new work cultures" like teleworking and activity-based work, both of which are only possible with a mobile workforce.


The landscape of work is changing very quickly, and no one wants to get left behind. If you're unsure of your next step towards mobilisation for productivity, feel free to get in touch or call our team on 02 4254 5444. 


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