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Maguire & McInerney improve their bottom line with BMS support

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Mcguire_McInerney_Law_FirmMaguire and McInerney is a twenty seat law firm based in Wollongong, which also has a remote office in Shellharbour. In 2003, unhappy with their current IT services provider, the company turned to The BMS Group for all of their printing and IT needs.

The Problem

The firm’s office manager, Angela, recalled the problem of using too many providers for various functions, and the expense and loss in productivity that followed. Their IT company simply “couldn't provide us with everything that we needed,” Angela said.

This ad-hoc approach to managing the company’s services directly affected the firm’s bottom line in many ways. Hours of productivity were lost to dealing with separate companies for various services. The cost of paying multiple companies to perform multiple services meant higher direct costs for those services. Most importantly, the firm was simply paying too much for their IT services.

In 2003, Maguire and McInerney’s IT firm didn’t offer complete managed services. Instead, they used an hourly model. That meant the IT firm could cushion their hours to increase every bill, every service call.

That’s a conflict that is not in the best interests of the customer. As partner John Martinello put it, “It wasn’t in their best interest to keep things stable and fix things the first time,” he said. “Things were rarely fixed the first time.”

The Solution

Enter BMS and fixed fee managed services. With managed services, Maguire and McInerney could pay a flat fee every month to manage all of their printing and IT needs. Now, “it’s in the best interest of both the IT company and the client to have fewer problems and have the office system running,” John said.

The solution had an immediate impact on both the bottom line and the day-to-day operations of Maguire and McInerney, primarily due to the proactive approach built into a managed IT services and print solutions.

“Because we have a more proactive management approach, things are sorted out in the background before it affects their people,” John said. “Their servers are always up-to-date with patches and antivirus, we know it’s always working. And when it’s not, we know it and we can fix it quickly. Now, they can just rely on the system to perform.”

That’s a huge relief for Angela. “Keeping up-to-date, especially with software and internet security and that type of thing [was the biggest problem]. We needed it constantly updated and that’s something I like to leave to BMS,” she said.

While Angela praises the background security updates, the same managed services agreement is also resolving some of the firm’s biggest problems with their print solutions, bringing print and IT together. BMS’s Ryan Hetherington explains how the customer focused principles used for a managed IT solution also apply to a managed print solution:

“Most print suppliers tend to install one or two larger centralised multifunction devices to cover the needs of the entire business, However, clients often need various desktop printers around the office as well.

Quite often desktop printers aren’t covered under a managed agreement. So clients would go and purchase them from a retailer like Harvey Norman and pay for toner and service separately. With a managed print solution from BMS this is no longer the case.

At Maguire and McInerney we’re providing a complete managed print solution tailored to their business needs, which means multiple different print devices for different uses. Plus
over time we’ve developed a thorough understanding of their print volumes, peaks and troughs in their business, and implemented flexible plans that are streamlined around the changing demands of their business. In much the same way as a mobile phone data plan – you pay for the services you use, spread over a certain period.”

The Outcome

Where does Angela find the most value in using BMS for all the company’s printing and IT needs? “All of it, really. They seem to know the answer for everything.”

The reliability and background fixes have not only saved the firm money, they’ve made Angela’s job easier in the process. When something needs to be handled, Angela can rest assured that BMS is taking care of it. “That way I can focus on doing my own work. I don’t have to worry about monitoring if something is out-of-date or things that need to be renewed,” she said.

BMS and Maguire and McInerney are now going into the twelfth year of their business relationship, and we look forward to many more.

“All of the solutions should be with the same company, so we don’t have to go passing the buck.”

We couldn’t agree more, Angela. 


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