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NBN watch outs for your business

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NBN_CablingIssues you can avoid when you switch from copper to the NBN

At BMS, the installation work is complete, and we’re now starting to go through the motions and find out exactly what will be affected when we switch the NBN on.

Here are two big watch outs that are important for you to be aware of when it’s your turn:

1. Your security/alarm system

If you employ a security company to watch over your business, the existing back-to-base phone line for your alarm will no longer be operational, as it communicates via the old copper based (PSTN) cabling. This will be cut by your provider when you switch to the NBN.
There are two options you have to ensure there is no affect to your security service:

  • Install a cellular call-back box - this will channel communication directly from the box to your security provider without the need for additional cabling or connections. Contact your security company to get more information on this option.
  • Install an NBN Connection Box – this is a separate box that plugs into your main NBN box. Your network provider will need to provide & install it, and you can then connect your alarm line directly to it. Make sure that the box had a decent battery back-up too - just in case of a power outage

2. Your fax machine line/s

Similarly, your fax lines run through the same copper based cabling and will eventually be cut when you switch to the NBN.
If you can’t forgo your fax line, there’s really only one option you have to maintain it:

  • Install the NBN Connection Box we mentioned above – along with the alarm, this box installed by your NBN provider has ports which you can plug your existing fax cables into.

When you are shopping around for your NBN provider, make sure you factor these two items into your conversations so that any disruption to your business can be avoided.

Lastly, DO NOT let your provider cut access to any of your old cabling until you are completely satisfied that your security and faxing will work when you switch over to the NBN.

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