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Why OneDrive, Dropbox & Google Drive aren't so good for business

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OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive aren't good for businessWhen it comes to cloud storage for business, your security & productivity are paramount.
OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive & other similar cloud providers are affordable (often free) & easy to use, but dig a little deeper and you'll see where they fall down in these two key areas and can cause more harm than good for business users.



 - Microsoft scans your files when you upload them - and not just for antivirus reasons

 - Microsoft changes your files when you upload them - adding their own metadata, which can make some files unusable

 - Sharing with “Everyone” includes all external users: people outside of your organization who have previously been invited to share documents as guests, either by you or by others in your organization

File Size
  - File size can be no bigger than 2GB


 - You can’t share a file if it’s open in an application - you have to close it first

 - Sharing a file with an external party creates a ghost account in Microsoft

 - You cannot share entire folders of files, only individual files

 - The Android application has no sync functionality – you can only
upload or download documents



 - Where is your data? How is it transferred? Amazon S3

 - Servers in the US? Concern over privacy laws

 - Data integrity - De-duplication occurs to store less data

 - Data encryption not unique to a file. The same key is reused

 - No secure public links (password protection, expiration)

 - No PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance


 - No mark up and annotation of any file types

 - No editing of Office files on mobile devices via secure integrated app

 - No Mobile Device Management policies for assessing, creating, editing content

Limited Collaboration

 - No integrated commenting (projects, folders, files)

 - No alternate modes of notifications such as SMS

 - No mechanism to lock files while working on them


 - Limited access to support services. You are required to complete an online form for  support

Google Drive

Security Concerns

 - Google has access & ownership rights to all content stored on their systems

 - Google scans the contents of your documents when you upload them

 -  You can’t restrict file storage to the data centre of your choice

 - No password protection for their app on tablets and smart phones

File Syncronisation

 - Downloading your file to a mobile device stops it from being updated, even if changes are made  after the download. Files can get out of sync even if you make changes to them

 - No file locking or check in/out features

- Version control is the responsibility of users - it was recently dropped from their version release


 - No time expiration for shared file links or users - you have to manually delete

If you're considering cloud storage for your business, or concerned about your existing solution, we can help find a good match for your business that's scalable, will keep your data secure & improve the productivity of your team. Call us on 02 4254 5444 or email us. We'd be happy to help.

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