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Our reforestation partnership begins with Printreleaf

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Printreleaf_ReforestationIn 2013, Australia Post reported that 4.5 billion letters were posted. Conservatively, that number is equivalent to at least half a million trees that have been cut down and milled into paper. And that's just the letters that Australia Post have reported.

Despite this decrease from 5.9 billion letters in 2009, as a nation we are still consuming a huge amount of paper, with sustainability still a major global issue - the rate that replacement trees are planted is nowhere near equivalent to our consumption.

A few other statistics published recently by Australian Science, and earlier by Clean Up Australia are also staggering:

  • Only 25% of a tree is used to produce paper
  • On average, every person in Australia uses over 230kg of paper per annum
  • The average Australian office worker uses 10,000 pieces of paper each year
  • Around 50kg of this office paper consumption is thrown away
It's clear that businesses are still heavily reliant on paper despite the significant use of email to communicate with each other.

And it's no different for the BMS team, or our customers locally here in the the Illawarra and surrounding regions.
We collectively consume over 16 million sheets of paper every month through the copiers and multi-function devices that we sell and then manage for our customers. This equates to over 200 million sheets of paper annually.

As an organisation, we take responsibility for the adverse affect this has on the environment and are very excited to have partnered with a global reforestation program that reduces the environmental footprint for our business, and that of each and every customer we have.

With the help of Printreleaf, we are now able to guarantee that every piece of paper processed through a BMS managed copier or multi-function device will be certifiably reforested in one of their growing number of international reforestation projects. As at November 2014, there are 6 projects in the Printreleaf network.

Adopting an initiative like this has been high on our agenda for a long time, and we feel really proud to finally take this step in the right direction towards a more sustainable environment - and on behalf of our customers too.

Contact us at any time by email or on 02 4254 5444 if you would be interested in learning more about the program. Alternatively, you can watch the two minute video below to see just how the program works.


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