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Let the BMS games begin!

It's been four years since the London Olympics and now it's Rio's turn. To get in the spirit, we're hosting our very own BMS Olympic Games.

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Have you taken advantage of your small business tax deductions?

Have you been taking advantage of the tax deductions which were made available to small businesses this financial year?

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Our commitment to corporate social responsibility

For over 30 years we’ve been servicing the Illawarra and beyond with our IT Services, Document Management &
Print Solutions, and realise the impact our business has on the environment.

With this in mind we have established a strong culture committed to socially responsible behaviours, and participate in a few sustainability initiatives we’re passionate about:


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Security for your mobile team

For the purposes of this post, consider a mobile team to be anyone that can do any of the  following via any type of  mobile device (smartphones, tablets, laptops, PDA's and so on): 


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Why OneDrive, Dropbox & Google Drive aren't so good for business

When it comes to cloud storage for business, your security & productivity are paramount.
OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive & other similar cloud providers are affordable (often free) & easy to use, but dig a little deeper and you'll see where they fall down in these two key areas and can cause more harm than good for business users.

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The right time to refresh your IT hardware

Investing in new IT hardware can be expensive depending on your business needs, so it's not uncommon to avoid outlaying more money than you have to, any sooner than you really have to. 

But there does come a point when loss of productivity comes into the mix, perhaps costing you more than new hardware does. 

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Web browsers: the right pick for your business

With the recent launch of Windows 10, there's a new kid on the web-browser block - Microsoft Edge.

Replacing Internet Explorer, it looks to have a promising future for Windows 10 users. It's fast, intuitive and built to help you do what you do, simply with less distraction.
That being said, Microsoft are flushing out some bugs and it could be an iteration or two before we see a mass embrace of this shiny new way of web browsing.

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Do you know the seven cybercrime threats to your business?

With cybercrime being such a lucrative business, it's no wonder a new threat pops up every other day. McAfee's 2014 report noted that the cybercrime industry is said to now be costing the global economy anywhere between $375b - $500b annually (& growing). 
Sadly the phenomenal amount of illegal activity this equates to can easily instill fear in any business owner, or person responsible for protecting business information.
To remain alert, it's important to understand the seven different types of cybercrime threats to your business - all of which fall under the term 'malware' - a digital threat.

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10 Windows key shortcuts you should make a habit

We took a quick poll in the office, and learned that hardly anyone uses the Windows key for shortcuts. A few didn't even realise what the Windows key was! Could the same be said for your workplace?

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We've reforested over 3,000 trees so far

As we tick over to a new financial year, we're really pleased to share great news about our reforestation program in partnership with Printreleaf.

Together with many of our customers we have now reforested well over 3,000 trees in just over 9 months.

As an organisation that provides print services, we are glad that we can offset the amount of paper printed on BMS managed devices and give back what we take from our environment.

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