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The right time to refresh your IT hardware

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The right time to refresh your IT hardwareInvesting in new IT hardware can be expensive depending on your business needs, so it's not uncommon to avoid outlaying more money than you have to, any sooner than you really have to. 

But there does come a point when loss of productivity comes into the mix, perhaps costing you more than new hardware does. 
These are the tell tale signs that suggest you should start planning to upgrade your hardware:

  1. You get frustrated by the amount of time it takes to load information onto your screen, or open programs
  2. Your screen resolution seems to be failing
  3. You're running out of memory space to save files
  4. Usually 3 years, the manufacturer warranty on your equipment has expired (or is close to)

Once you make the decision to upgrade, the cost will no doubt be top of mind to some degree.
A few words of caution when you are shopping around:

  • Think twice before purchasing your hardware from a retailer. Often their discounts & sale prices seem enticing, but that could be because they're looking to clear space for newer products with better capabilities. Does it make good business sense to spend money on 'dated' hardware? It might be cheaper, but chances are you will need to replace it again sooner.
  • Retailers (generally, not always) tend to be knowledgeable to a point. As a private consumer, they will no doubt be able to give you good advice and help you make an educated decision in this space. But if you need to purchase IT hardware that ties to a network, then the help they can give you will likely fall short of what you need to know to invest wisely.
  • Don't bring too much emotion into your purchase decision if you can help it. You might be the envy of many with the latest & greatest devices, but you need to make sure that they are doing the job you need them to. If they aren't helping you be more productive, then you've wasted your money.

To make sure you do the right thing by your business and your budget, you are wisest to consult with your IT provider. They should know the in's & out's of your existing set up and then be able to give you a hardware recommendation that makes sense.

We keep a close eye on every device that our customers use, and complete an audit on each device to determine which ones need to be upgraded and when. It's then over to us to build the hardware so it's just right for each and every user. This is often a process that rolls over several weeks or months to minimize business disruption, and it helps smooth the bottom line as well because we are giving our customers plenty of notice. 

Rather than purchasing equipment outright, an excellent option that works for many businesses is to rent their equipment. This essentially turns the CAPEX into OPEX and it’s also a tax deduction (talk to your accountant for specifics). Lastly, because it's a rental, you don’t own it and you don’t need to depreciate it, which means less work for your accountant.

Tying this back to our mention earlier of a 3 year equipment warranty, it then makes sense to establish a 3 year IT rental agreement on devices. This is a great way to maintain optimal productivity in tune with the progression of technology.

If an upgrade is on your radar, we'd be happy to take a look at your current set up and offer a recommendation that makes sense for your business. You're always welcome to call us on 02 4254 5444 or email us and we'll arrange a time to meet.

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