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Can you spot a scam?

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Depositphotos_23050242_xl-2015-1How well do you think you can spot an online scam?  Would you know what to do if you got caught out? Since the start of COVID-19 phishing attacks have surged 350% globally*. A staggering increase that's almost impossible to comprehend.

In Australia alone, there's been almost 20% increase* in scams that attempt to gain your personal information.

And another staggering number - over 80%* of breaches related to credentials (i.e. user access, passwords etc) that are compromised or stolen.

A great (and easy) way to SIGNIFCANTLY reduce the risk of a breach in your business is to educate yourself and your team so that every single person is more alert to scam emails & messages.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre has produced a great scam spotter quiz which tests your ability to spot a scam, and know what to do next.

We strongly encourage you to pass this onto your team and get them to take the quiz.

Take the quiz

In addition, we can't recommend enough that you & your team practice good password management. Sadly, the use of a single password (or a variation of) remains commonplace for many, and unless prompted, passwords are not updated regularly.
Our earlier blog post 'Keep ahead with password management' is a resource you can pass onto your team to educate them.

The BMS technology team are also another great resource available to you. Please feel free to reach out to us for advice on 02 4254 444 or email

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*LastPass statistics published September 2020