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Team BMS in training for a great cause

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Sublime_pt_Climb-716599-editedIt's fair to say that the Sublime Point track isn't exactly a 'walk in the park' in it's literal sense, but that did not deter us.

Team BMS were ready and rearing to go yesterday. It was a perfect winters morning - sunny, slight breeze and one of the best views across the Illawarra coastline awaiting us at the top of the track.

It's barely a 2km return trip, but with the track made up predominantly by (steep) steps - over 1000 of them in fact - it took our team just on an hour to reach the top.

After some stretching and a few happy snaps, we let gravity do most of the work and return back down to the base in just over 20 minutes.

According to my fitness tracker, we'd climbed the equivalent of 98 floors. And with Erika's heart rate monitor peaking at 180 bpm, this was certainly a serious training workout in preparation for the Greenacres Mountain 2 Mountain Challenge in just under 4 weeks.

There's still plenty of time to enter yourself, or join a team. If not, we'd love you to support our BMS team of walkers & runners that are training hard to help Greenacres raise much needed funds so that can continue supporting others that need it most.


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