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Let the BMS games begin!

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BMSO5.pngIt's been four years since the London Olympics and now it's Rio's turn. To get in the spirit, we're hosting our very own BMS Olympic Games.

Our schedule of events break with Olympic tradition, certain to challenge the every day office worker:

  • One handed speed typing
  • Office desk ping pong
  • BMS trivia
  • Guess who with BMS characters
  • SAO eating and balloon blowing
  • Mini golf
  • Hoola hoop marathon
  • Nerf gun shoot out
  • Mega noughts & crosses
  • And an obstacle course

Our four competition teams each have a fierce and competitive captain. Which team will you be backing?

At the end of the two weeks of fierce competition, the winning team will walk away with some great prizes, but more importantly the honour of receiving the BMS Olympic trophy.

Follow our team performance on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google + from August  5th. Or if you and your team are interested in hosting your own Olympic Games, you're welcome to download our BMS Olympic Charter for inspiration.