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Together we reforested 9,091 trees in 2016

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9091 Trees Reforested

 We highly value our partnership with Printreleaf, and as we start the new year we're taking a moment to reflect on the progress we made in 2016 to reduce our environmental footprint.

If you're not already aware, PrintReleaf is an international organisation which guarantees the pages printed on a BMS managed device are offset by reforesting an equivalent number of trees. We are able to actively choose where these trees are planted in the areas the planet needs them most. Every new tree that's planted is certified and tracked for the next 7 years. 

Last year we significantly reduced the impact our paper consumption had on the environment. Together with many of our customers we offset 75, 755, 861 A4 pages in total by reforesting 9,091 trees across three projects in Brazil, Dominican Republic and Madagascar. 

Reforestation Map

We're proud of this result and will continue again this year to minimise the impact our products & services have on the environment as much as we can.

If you'd like to learn more about our reforestation program or our other corporate social responsibility projects,  please click here or contact us on 02 4254 5444. 

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