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Your fax machine could be affected when the NBN rolls over

If you aren't prepared when your business rolls over to the NBN your fax machine may stop working. My video explains what you can do to avoid unnecessary downtime.

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Have you taken advantage of your small business tax deductions?

Have you been taking advantage of the tax deductions which were made available to small businesses this financial year?

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Web browsers: the right pick for your business

With the recent launch of Windows 10, there's a new kid on the web-browser block - Microsoft Edge.

Replacing Internet Explorer, it looks to have a promising future for Windows 10 users. It's fast, intuitive and built to help you do what you do, simply with less distraction.
That being said, Microsoft are flushing out some bugs and it could be an iteration or two before we see a mass embrace of this shiny new way of web browsing.

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10 Windows key shortcuts you should make a habit

We took a quick poll in the office, and learned that hardly anyone uses the Windows key for shortcuts. A few didn't even realise what the Windows key was! Could the same be said for your workplace?

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Does mobile printing make sense for your business?

Last year we wrote a post outlining what mobile printing can do for your business. Only a few months down 

the track we can see that the topic has raised a few eyebrows - mostly due to a lack of understanding as to what it is, how secure it is and whether it will be a help or a hindrance to productivity.

For some businesses, mobile printing may not be a wise technology to engage with. But for others, it may be just what they need to work more efficiently.

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Are you overwhelmed by contract management?

Big or small, contracts are a critical part of doing business. With a unique contract needed for each business relationship you have, it can be a massive challenge keeping track of each and every one. The terms & conditions, policies, responsibilities and expiration (to name a few) are factors you need to be on top of to remain compliant.

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Are your internal HR standards up to scratch?

Whether you personally manage all the human resource requirements for your business or you have a team to help you, ensuring you've dotted all you 'i's and crossed all your 't's can be time consuming and take you away from other important work.

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Spending too much time manually processing customer orders?

Your Accounts Receivable process many seem like a simple order to cash process, but in reality there are several steps involved. Each of which takes time - often too much time - to eventually get the job done. 

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Have you got paper everywhere?

If your office is weighed down literally by the volume of paper documents you need to generate and store, the good news is that there is a way to overcome it - sooner rather than later.
Going paperless may seem unachievable, but it can be done. It will save you time, space and money.

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Our favourite cloud programs guaranteed to help you be more productive

You have probably noticed by now that we have spent a lot of time writing & sharing general information with you about cloud computing - with good reason.

What we haven't done (until now) is dig deeper and get into the detail of cloud software and how it can truly help you be more productive.

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