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Why OneDrive, Dropbox & Google Drive aren't so good for business

When it comes to cloud storage for business, your security & productivity are paramount.
OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive & other similar cloud providers are affordable (often free) & easy to use, but dig a little deeper and you'll see where they fall down in these two key areas and can cause more harm than good for business users.

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The trifecta of mobile printing

Here's our take on what a productive mobile print solution should be for your business. Your best bet is to align with one quality brand for both your hardware and software and you're sure to back a winner.




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Hybrid cloud – the ‘middle man’ of cloud computing

If you haven’t yet ventured into cloud computing, they are very real options to consider and the hybrid option could be the way to “dip your toe in the water”.

Hybrid services are part public and part private - each catering for specific services and business needs.  Usually the public cloud will support non-sensitive operations, while the private cloud hosts your e-commerce, intellectual property and/or client data – anything where security is a serious concern.

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Cloud storage for your business

Cloud_storage_for_your_businessWe’ve talked about the basics of the cloud, and went more in-depth on the topic in our free ebookBut another important aspect of cloud computing you need to consider is cloud storage. How does it impact your day-to-day operations? And if you do switch to the cloud, which storage option is right for your business?

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Our favourite cloud programs guaranteed to help you be more productive

You have probably noticed by now that we have spent a lot of time writing & sharing general information with you about cloud computing - with good reason.

What we haven't done (until now) is dig deeper and get into the detail of cloud software and how it can truly help you be more productive.

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What can mobile printing do for your business?

We’ve spent a lot of time on the cloud lately, and for good reason.

The changing technology landscape is changing the way we work, and the cloud is behind most of that change.

There’s some confusion, though, as to how necessary the cloud is to the future of business operations.

In its recent Workflow Optimization Study, Canon asked business professionals whether investing in certain technologies is “very or extremely important to running their businesses more effectively.”

The results indicate what Dennis Amorosano, Vice President and General Manager of Canon’s Business Imaging Solutions Group Marketing Division, called a “knowledge gap” between IT professionals and non-IT professionals.

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Protect your data with cloud back up

In a previous post, we discussed the importance of implementing a disaster recovery plan, and a few things to keep in mind as you carry that plan out.
Of course, one of the most crucial aspects of a good disaster recovery plan is backing up your data. But of all the different ways you can back up, which is most trustworthy?

You can back up your data with physical, on-premise storage devices like tape, CD-ROM, or external hard drives. In the event of a natural disaster, though, those mediums are likely to be damaged along with the original data.
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A visual history of the computer

Having just turned thirty, we thought it was an opportune time to investigate the history of computers, and look back at how much it has changed since we started business in 1984.

What we came across was a great infographic worth sharing. Created by Akita, it goes even further, and takes a look back decade by decade to when the first electronic computer was produced in 1943 - really highlighting just how far technology has come in a relatively short period of time.

It's mind-blowing to think that a computer once known to take up an entire room, now has the ability to fit in your bag. Even your pocket!

And here we are today with cloud computing at the forefront of how we work and maintain productivity. Our ebook outlines the pros and cons of cloud computing if you are considering it for your business.

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What is cloud computing?

The IT buzzword of the decade is undoubtedly "Cloud." But what is it really? And why should businesses care so much about it?

So what exactly is cloud?

Commonly referred to as cloud computing, it’s best described as an extension on the term we know as the ’internet’.

If you run or work in a business, it’s highly likely you access some if not all of your business services via the internet.

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NBN Wollongong Rollout - what you need to know

The rollout of the NBN has become quite a contentious issue. As homes and businesses demand more internet bandwidth at greater speeds to complement their lifestyles & productivity, it’s important to understand the current situation (from both sides of the political fence) and what it means for the future of your and your business – irrespective of where you live and work in Australia. 

What we know

You may have been keeping up with the NBN news cycle, but if you haven't, here’s a summary of what has happened so far: 

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