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Together we reforested 9,091 trees in 2016

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Our commitment to corporate social responsibility

For over 30 years we’ve been servicing the Illawarra and beyond with our IT Services, Document Management &
Print Solutions, and realise the impact our business has on the environment.

With this in mind we have established a strong culture committed to socially responsible behaviours, and participate in a few sustainability initiatives we’re passionate about:


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We've reforested over 3,000 trees so far

As we tick over to a new financial year, we're really pleased to share great news about our reforestation program in partnership with Printreleaf.

Together with many of our customers we have now reforested well over 3,000 trees in just over 9 months.

As an organisation that provides print services, we are glad that we can offset the amount of paper printed on BMS managed devices and give back what we take from our environment.

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Our reforestation partnership begins with Printreleaf


In 2013, Australia Post reported that 4.5 billion letters were posted. Conservatively, that number is equivalent to at least half a million trees that have been cut down and milled into paper. And that's just the letters that Australia Post have reported.

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