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How much downtime can your business tolerate?

If you're trying to get your head around the difference between back up & business continuity, it ultimately comes down to downtime. How much can your business tolerate?

We strongly recommend every SMB has business continuity in place. Traditional back up isn't enough anymore to protect against all the cyber-threats that continuously try to push their way into your business.
Of course there's a cost, but in the long run you have peace of mind knowing you won't be losing days, weeks or even months of data if your business gets hit. Imagine how costly that would be.

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Protect your data with cloud back up

In a previous post, we discussed the importance of implementing a disaster recovery plan, and a few things to keep in mind as you carry that plan out.
Of course, one of the most crucial aspects of a good disaster recovery plan is backing up your data. But of all the different ways you can back up, which is most trustworthy?

You can back up your data with physical, on-premise storage devices like tape, CD-ROM, or external hard drives. In the event of a natural disaster, though, those mediums are likely to be damaged along with the original data.
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Disaster Recovery: Is your business prepared?

If a massive cyclone hit New South Wales tomorrow, would your business be ready? How soon would you be back up and running? How much would you lose?

Insurance is one of those set-and-forget ‘grudge purchases’ that, throughout the course of normal operations may as well not exist. But its usefulness in times of need can't be overstated. In a crisis, a good insurance policy is all that stands between you and the potential loss of your business as you know it.

Think of disaster recovery as the most powerful of insurance plans: in a worse case scenario, a disaster recovery plan is the only thing that stands between your business and... well, disaster.

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