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Good habits for a paperless office

Mountains of paper everywhere? Running out of storage for all those documents you legally must retain? Dreaming of an office without paper, or a lot less?

Fear not. Introducing some simple changes in your workplace will get you on the road to paperless 'freedom' in no time.
To get you started, we've put together a good habits guide that will help you and your team make positive change without too much effort or cost.

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Are you storing business records long enough?

Good records management is imperative in any business. Whether yours is a paper-based system, digital, or combination of both, the significant role it plays should not be underestimated.

Every business record has a life cycle and needs to move smoothly & securely through your business from the moment it's generated through a variety of stages until eventually requiring disposal. 
Prior to disposal, (and as you're probably well aware) you need to store your business records for some length of time. Business compliance in this area of document retention is currently going through some change, and it's important to understand exactly how long you are legally required to retain certain business records, as it can vary from one industry to the next.

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Are you overwhelmed by contract management?

Big or small, contracts are a critical part of doing business. With a unique contract needed for each business relationship you have, it can be a massive challenge keeping track of each and every one. The terms & conditions, policies, responsibilities and expiration (to name a few) are factors you need to be on top of to remain compliant.

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Are your internal HR standards up to scratch?

Whether you personally manage all the human resource requirements for your business or you have a team to help you, ensuring you've dotted all you 'i's and crossed all your 't's can be time consuming and take you away from other important work.

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Spending too much time manually processing customer orders?

Your Accounts Receivable process many seem like a simple order to cash process, but in reality there are several steps involved. Each of which takes time - often too much time - to eventually get the job done. 

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Have you got paper everywhere?

If your office is weighed down literally by the volume of paper documents you need to generate and store, the good news is that there is a way to overcome it - sooner rather than later.
Going paperless may seem unachievable, but it can be done. It will save you time, space and money.

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Conquer your paper mountain

If one of your biggest frustrations in the office is the amount of paper records you need to keep on file, we can relate first hand, and tell you that conquering your paper mountain is possible.
In fact, there are three different ways you can conquer it.

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How technology and mobility can assist with business growth

We all know that the work environment is changing, and that the key goal for Australian small businesses in 2014 is growth. However it's hard to keep up with what's happening with technology, let alone how you can act on those changes to grow your business. This handy infographic from Canon Business Services Australia, condenses the state of work in 2014 to a more digestible, actionable format.

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Why your accounting system’s in-built document management doesn’t add up

You probably use accounting software to manage your invoices and pay the bills, which is what accounting
 software is designed to do.  But if you try to push its capabilities further than those simple tasks, you start to hurt productivity.

A dedicated document management system can keep your business on track, boosting productivity and eliminating waste in six key areas.

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