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Company announcement: BMS merges with efex

As owners of BMS, we are excited to announce that our company is in the process of merging with efex – a national technology services provider with a growing number of regional & metropolitan branches under it's umbrella. The BMS Group now represents efex’s Wollongong branch.

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Our customer service commitment

 At BMS we're always working hard to provide every single customer with the best help & support possible.

To get a deep understanding of how satisfied our customers are and what we can be doing better, we have introduced a customer service rating system.

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The right time to refresh your IT hardware

Investing in new IT hardware can be expensive depending on your business needs, so it's not uncommon to avoid outlaying more money than you have to, any sooner than you really have to. 

But there does come a point when loss of productivity comes into the mix, perhaps costing you more than new hardware does. 

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Web browsers: the right pick for your business

With the recent launch of Windows 10, there's a new kid on the web-browser block - Microsoft Edge.

Replacing Internet Explorer, it looks to have a promising future for Windows 10 users. It's fast, intuitive and built to help you do what you do, simply with less distraction.
That being said, Microsoft are flushing out some bugs and it could be an iteration or two before we see a mass embrace of this shiny new way of web browsing.

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Why should you upgrade to Windows 10?

It's human nature to be at least a little suspicious when Microsoft want to give away their latest upgrade to Windows 10 for free (to existing version 7 or 8.1 users).
It promises to include new functionality, user experience & intelligence which makes upgrading worthwhile.

But what are you getting for 'nothing'? Summarised by Microsofts' Joe Belfiore as delivering a personal experience, helping you get things done and "way more fun", we've taken a look at this new offering from Microsoft and put together our thoughts on which areas will benefit you and your team most. 

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NBN watch outs for your business

Issues you can avoid when you switch from copper to the NBN

At BMS, the installation work is complete, and we’re now starting to go through the motions and find out exactly what will be affected when we switch the NBN on.

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Maguire & McInerney improve their bottom line with BMS support

Maguire and McInerney is a twenty seat law firm based in Wollongong, which also has a remote office in Shellharbour. In 2003, unhappy with their current IT services provider, the company turned to The BMS Group for all of their printing and IT needs.

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Virtualize and save in FY15

Today marks the start of the 2015 financial year, and that brings with it a common question:

How can I optimise my outlays and save more money this year?

Luckily, when it comes to IT there's a simple answer to that question. Virtualize.

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Windows XP end of life. It's not the end of the world

On April 9, 2014, support for Microsoft Windows XP officially ended.

However, it’s important to understand that there are system issues you may face in the future if you don’t upgrade from Windows XP.If you heard the rumblings, you would realise by now that that the sky didn’t fall in, and that if you are running Windows XP, your operating system still works. 

In this post, we make easy sense of the issues and recommend the steps you can take to ensure that your business continues operating smoothly, as you would expect.

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