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Your fax machine could be affected when the NBN rolls over

If you aren't prepared when your business rolls over to the NBN your fax machine may stop working. My video explains what you can do to avoid unnecessary downtime.

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Know when the NBN will be at your door

NBNCo have improved the amount of rollout information they provide on their website. Our Marketing Manager Monique explains in the video (1:33) below.

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The NBN and your print devices - don't get caught out

There's no doubt the NBN network has some great benefits for business productivity.

But if you're planning to switch to it in the future, you need to be mindful of a few implications it can have on your print hardware if yours is managed by an external provider. (Unfortunately, NBNCo don't outline these implications anywhere on their website as at the date of writing this article. )

Just like your computers, your managed print devices also have an IP address. 
When the NBN gets installed, your computers can detect the change on their own and automatically get reassigned with a new IP address. 
Your managed print devices are not set up to reassign a new address in the same way. It needs to be done manually along with the Gateway, DNS & SMTP settings.

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NBN watch outs for your business

Issues you can avoid when you switch from copper to the NBN

At BMS, the installation work is complete, and we’re now starting to go through the motions and find out exactly what will be affected when we switch the NBN on.

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