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Company announcement: BMS merges with efex

As owners of BMS, we are excited to announce that our company is in the process of merging with efex – a national technology services provider with a growing number of regional & metropolitan branches under it's umbrella. The BMS Group now represents efex’s Wollongong branch.

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Technical training goes virtual with HP


That's the first word that comes to mind when I look at these pictures. Even just a few short years ago I never would have thought something like this was possible in 2020.

What you can see here is our first training day with HP's Virtual Reality training platform.

With a combination of HP's VR hardware and their customized training software, our technical team are enabled to learn how to service & repair HP print devices without leaving our office.

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The NBN and your print devices - don't get caught out

There's no doubt the NBN network has some great benefits for business productivity.

But if you're planning to switch to it in the future, you need to be mindful of a few implications it can have on your print hardware if yours is managed by an external provider. (Unfortunately, NBNCo don't outline these implications anywhere on their website as at the date of writing this article. )

Just like your computers, your managed print devices also have an IP address. 
When the NBN gets installed, your computers can detect the change on their own and automatically get reassigned with a new IP address. 
Your managed print devices are not set up to reassign a new address in the same way. It needs to be done manually along with the Gateway, DNS & SMTP settings.

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We've reforested over 3,000 trees so far

As we tick over to a new financial year, we're really pleased to share great news about our reforestation program in partnership with Printreleaf.

Together with many of our customers we have now reforested well over 3,000 trees in just over 9 months.

As an organisation that provides print services, we are glad that we can offset the amount of paper printed on BMS managed devices and give back what we take from our environment.

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The trifecta of mobile printing

Here's our take on what a productive mobile print solution should be for your business. Your best bet is to align with one quality brand for both your hardware and software and you're sure to back a winner.




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A global number one ranking for BMS again!

We are so pleased to announce that yet again we have ranked number one GLOBALLY for customer callbacks in February.
Following on from this achievement in August last year, we are very proud to be 'officially' maintaining delivery of a world class level of service to our customers.

Translated, it means we are making fewer service calls to our customers, therefore interrupting them less, and giving them more uptime in their busy day. 

Our short slide presentation explains what it means in better detail, and the work we are doing behind the scenes every day to maintain this kind of result which is truly helping our customers add value in their businesses.


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Does mobile printing make sense for your business?

Last year we wrote a post outlining what mobile printing can do for your business. Only a few months down 

the track we can see that the topic has raised a few eyebrows - mostly due to a lack of understanding as to what it is, how secure it is and whether it will be a help or a hindrance to productivity.

For some businesses, mobile printing may not be a wise technology to engage with. But for others, it may be just what they need to work more efficiently.

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Our reforestation partnership begins with Printreleaf


In 2013, Australia Post reported that 4.5 billion letters were posted. Conservatively, that number is equivalent to at least half a million trees that have been cut down and milled into paper. And that's just the letters that Australia Post have reported.

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All I want for Christmas is.... a Canon iR Advance C250i

Forgive our excitement - we know it's a multifunction device, but this one is special. So special that we thought it was worth writing a whole blog post about.

Introducing the latest print & copier technology from Canon. The imageRUNNER Advance C250i. And the reason it's so special?

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A global number one ranking for BMS

The results are in! As at the end of August we officially ranked number one GLOBALLY for customer call backs by Pros Elite - recognising standards of excellence in the print industry throughout the world. 
We are REALLY proud of this result and to share the news, we have put together a short presentation. Just click on the image below to view it. Enjoy!


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