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Virtualize and save in FY15

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hp-virtual-serverToday marks the start of the 2015 financial year, and that brings with it a common question:

How can I optimise my outlays and save more money this year?

Luckily, when it comes to IT there's a simple answer to that question. Virtualize.

A virtual server environment can do wonders for your business: it saves money on hardware, management, and power consumption. It also saves physical space, integrates better backup and disaster recovery solutions, and is much more efficient to maintain.


Simply put, dedicated physical servers aren't very efficient. In fact, many only use about 20 percent of the computing capacity available to them. Virtual servers make the most of your hardware, maximizing productivity in the process.

They're also easier to manage, taking much less time to maintain and adapt. Let's say your email is struggling because it simply lacks enough RAM. Your file server, though, is humming along nicely. 

With a virtual server, it only takes a few clicks to reallocate some of the RAM from your file server to your email server. In a few seconds, the problem is dealt with, and everyone is back to work. Try that with a physical server.

Cost savings

Virtualization saves money in a number of areas, including increased uptime, lesser reliance on third-party software, and integrated solutions for backup and disaster recovery. As we already discussed, it also drastically reduces the time that goes into managing and maintaining your system as well as the time required to carry out many day-to-day operations.

You'll also reap the benefits of increased security, easy migration, and smoother upgrades to existing equipment. In short, virtual servers can grow with you.

Virtualize Now!

As you close off your FY14 accounts, it's the perfect time to review your costs and eliminate the unnecessary waste that can contribute to smaller margins. In many cases, physical servers are one of the greatest sources of such waste.

Contact us to find out what virtualization can do for your bottom line, and make the most of this promising new year.


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