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Web browsers: the right pick for your business

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Web browsersWith the recent launch of Windows 10, there's a new kid on the web-browser block - Microsoft Edge.

Replacing Internet Explorer, it looks to have a promising future for Windows 10 users. It's fast, intuitive and built to help you do what you do, simply with less distraction.
That being said, Microsoft are flushing out some bugs and it could be an iteration or two before we see a mass embrace of this shiny new way of web browsing.If you have been using MS Edge and feeling the frustration, you do have the opportunity to switch back to Internet Explorer if you prefer.
If you want to start using MS Edge and not yet a Microsoft 10 user, you should talk to your IT service provider about upgrading.

But this post isn't just about MS Edge. It's been on our radar for a while now that there's a growing number of web browser options coming onto the market.

As the number grows, so too does the confusion as to which one is best - especially when you and your team likely rely on the internet each and every day to some degree.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, this article published by PC Adviser in May of this year does a good job reviewing 6 of the best  browsers available for PC users. 

And we agree with their number 1 ranking. At this point in time, we think Google Chrome is the best option, but our recommendation for business users goes a little further.
We believe that to be completely covered and remain productive, you should have two web browser options active. So to compliment Google Chrome we recommend having Internet Explorer installed as a back up. 

The reasons for our recommendation:

  • Chrome is a mature product that has few or no bugs
  • It's backed by Google so the search functionality is regarded the best in the world
  • It has an excellent level of security in place, with auto-updates continuously protecting your computer
  • The user experience/navigation is easy to use relative to others on the market
  • Having Internet Explorer as a back up makes good sense should you come across some Chrome incompatibilities. You can usually copy & paste the Chrome web address into IE and access the information you were after.

If you aren't a Chrome user, we suggest you download the free software, and make it your default browser.
Jumping in at the deep end is the best way for you to become familiar with the navigation, and rest assured you'll soon start using it with ease.

We are keeping an eye on other browser products working hard to gain popularity against the likes of Chrome and Internet Explorer. Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Dooble and the evolution of MS Edge in particular.

Before we finish up, we shouldn't forget Apple users. The reality is (and you probably realise this if you are an Apple user already) that Apple prefer you use their Safari product and make it a little challenging to use any alternatives with the same success as Windows users.
The good news is that browsers like Chrome & Firefox are coming along leaps and bounds in terms of security and user experience and worth keeping on your radar if you're not a fan of Safari.

If you've got any questions about web browers and what makes sense for your business, feel free to get in touch via email, or call us on 02 4254 5444.

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