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10 Windows key shortcuts you should make a habit

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Windows_shortcut_keyWe took a quick poll in the office, and learned that hardly anyone uses the Windows key for shortcuts. A few didn't even realise what the Windows key was! Could the same be said for your workplace?

Fair to say, we each have our own keyboard habits and knowledge we rely on to navigate our way around a computer. But did you know that this one little key provides over 50 shortcuts that can help you be just that little bit more productive?

We've chosen 10 that you're likely to use more frequently. If you can turn them into a habit, you may just churn through that workload a little quicker, which means you can hopefully give yourself an early mark!

Win Open the start menu to access programs, folders, files, control panel etc
Win + E Open the file explorer to find folders & files
Win + D Show & hide your desktop screen
Win + F Open the search function to find files
Win + L Lock your PC or switch users quickly
Win + P Switch your display between one or two screens or presentation
Win + Tab Pan out to view and cycle through recently accessed applications
Win + . Pan out to view and cycle through open applications
Win + -/+ Zoom out and in of your screen with the magnifier
Win + Down Arrow Minimise the application you are working in (Win + Up Arrow to maximise)

Why not share this with your colleagues & together you'll pick up a thing two to access the information you need sooner.

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