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We are committed to environmental sustainability

Conserve with BMS

We are whole-heartedly committed to minimising the impact our business & services has on the environment. Underpinned by our environmental policy, we actively participate in three programs which help reduce our environmental footprint, and where we can, that of our customers too.


print releaf partner

As an organisation that sells copiers and multi-function devices, we acknowledge that by default this contributes to the massive volume of paper that's consumed, locally, regionally, nationally and then globally.

We believe it's our responsibility to reduce our environmental footprint, and do the same on behalf of our customers too. One tree at a time.

To do this, we've partnered with Printreleaf, an international organisation that guarantees to offset the number of pages we print with an equivalent number of trees that are planted in certified reforestation projects around the world. 

A really special part of this program is that both our customers and our team can be actively involved and choose where they would like trees planted - keeping track of them as they grow over the coming 8 years.

Zero Waste from device consumables 

Planet ark partner
close the loop partner

We recognise that our copiers and multi-function devices require consumables which, if not disposed of correctly can end up in land fill.  To minimise the impact this has on the environment, we (and many of our customers) participate in Planet Ark + Close the Loop’s cartridge collection program.

This wonderful initiative means our toner cartridges are collected, sorted & separated. Some are returned to the original manufacturer for remanufacturing and component recovery, while the remainder are processed through Close the Loop's patented ‘Green Machine’ which guarantees that zero waste goes to landfill!

If your business would like to join us in our effort to ‘Close the Loop’ simply click here to register and you'll be sent a starter kit and collection instructions. This program is free to join and you’ll be helping the environment.

Close the loop

E-waste  repurposed AND recycled 

Sims recycling solutions partner

While we believe minimising the impact our devices have on the environment is paramount, our commitment doesn’t stop when our machines do.

When a BMS device is approaching the end of its life, our technicians place it into triage. Here our devices are either refurbished, kept for parts,  or sent to SIMS Recycling Solutions.  

We highly value our partnership with SIMS as they ensure all our E-waste is securely repurposed or recycled, manually disassembling and mechanically shredding all our old technology so it can be rended into new materials. 

Take a look at the process SIMS follows to ensure all E-waste is securely recycled. 

A.G.M Recycling Environmental

We sell a large range of multifunction devices designed to suit the individual needs of our customers. Like most things though, each of these devices arrive at our warehouse securely packaged in polystyrene, cardboard, and plastic. 

Instead of disposing of this material we take the time to manually strip and sort it. These materials are then collected, transported, processed, and recycled through A.G.M Recycling Environmental.

Our partnership with A.G.M Recycling Environmental is highly valued as it guarantees that none of our device packaging ends up in landfill.

This short video demonstrates our team's commitment to recycling our product packaging. 

an Environmentally sUSTAINABLe  cULTURE


At BMS every single team member is responsible for conducting their work activities in an environmentally responsible manner.  This expectation is formalised by our environmental policy.

Each section of the policy outlines our commitment and ensures we remain individually accountable:

Energy Conservation

Reduce the amount of materials we use

Minimise waste & increase recycling Minimise toxic & hazardous waste Reforest our paper consumption

We're happy to share the detail behind our policy if you'd like to get in touch. We also encourage other businesses to use these as thought-starters and consider developing their own environmental policy. Collectively we can do much more to reduce the impact that business productivity has on the environment. 


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