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Recover your business information & get back to work quickly 

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is about more than protection from floods or fire. It's about protection from all threats, both natural and man-made, including system-crippling viruses and malware.  
We've seen businesses come to a standstill, reduced to using pen and paper because they didn't see a threat coming.
Top-tier disaster recovery is comprehensive, automatic, and testable.
Most importantly, it's implemented before disaster strikes.
Computer backups

On-Premise Backups

On-premise backups are the first line of defence in any disaster prevention program. As part of our managed services, our on-premise backup continuously works in the background to ensure that your entire network is recoverable in the event of disaster. You'll be up and running in no time.

Cloud Backups

We have partnered with Corporate Backup to store your entire system in the cloud as well as on-site. And because your data is stored in full in both Perth and Melbourne, natural disasters are easily weathered.



You shouldn't have to work hard to maintain your data. That's why our backup solutions are set-and-forget. If something needs your attention, you'll be notified immediately. Otherwise, threats and scheduling are handled in the background so you can run your business.


Old backup systems used a high-speed tape system to create backups. These tape-based systems are cumbersome and slow, increasing recovery times significantly- sometimes by weeks. We use image-based backups, drastically reducing recovery times.


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