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What to do with the mountains of paper?

Document Capture

One of the most common conversations we have with business owners, regardless of size,  is what to do with the mountains of paper that build up within their business.  
Like them, if you agree with any of the following questions, we can help you develop a simple document strategy.


Are you?

  • Running out of physical space due to the amount of filing and storage you use?
  • Losing valuable time searching for documents or records?
  • Simply losing records?
  • Unsure what is kept electronically and what is kept as a paper record?
  • Worried about the loss of information should disaster strike?
  • Unable to access business information when you are away from the office?

Document Scanning Solutions

Our large range of simple & easy to use scanning solutions can help your business transform paper records into electronic documents. They include many features to help manage your records ensuring your document management problems are a thing of the past for you and your staff.

Starting with simple scanning functionality, via either a dedicated scanner or your existing multi-functional device (MFD), BMS can implement a solution that will allow you to:

  • Scan paper documents into any electronic file format, such as PDF, TIFF or JPEG
  • Provide OCR (Optical Character Recognition) functionality to enable you to search the contents of you documents
  • Extract content from documents such as invoices and customer forms into backend systems
  • Build workflows that will deposit documents into a Document Management System


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