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Harness your documents to increase security, efficiency, and improve your competitive advantage

Document Management

document capture


Are mountains of files taking over your office?



Are your important documents secure?



Are you frustrated by current processes?

document mobility


Does your productivity depend on location?

Printing is just a way of retrieving information and presenting it on paper.
Often unnecessary and wasteful, it can easily create clutter and confusion in your office.
We develop a document management strategy for your business that is supported by smart software to improve the way your business information is captured, stored, accessed, retrieved and presented.
Digitizing your documents will save you time and money.  

Document Capture

There are mountains of paper in your office. You'd love to do away with the waste and inefficiency that comes with so much paper... but where do you start?  How do you make digital document management as easy and intuitive as paper management?

It all starts with a simple question: what do I do with all that paper?  At BMS, we work with you to simplify the point of capture. Imagine an office free of the mountains of paper that clutter your desk and your mind. Imagine what you could do with the savings that come from eliminating the cost of paper management, or what you could do with the time you'll save. Digital document solutions should be as easy as using a filing cabinet. With the right guide, it can be.

Document Management

Once a document is captured, it should work for you. It should be there when you need it, but not until. It should learn how you work, and it should be accessible to those who need it, when they need it.

The key to document management is automation. Proper automation allows quick and easy retrieval of documents when you need them. Instead of searching through stacks of paper or digging through the filing cabinet, you can pull a customer or internal document in seconds, allowing you to respond to customers, to superiors, and to colleagues in record time. You'll get more done in less time

Document Workflow

How do you ensure that documents meet compliance standards? That separate customer contracts are in the same place? That access to sensitive documents is properly controlled?

Nearly every office could tell a horror story of failed compliance through a trivial clerical error. Proper workflow management ensures that all documents stay current and meet critical standards. It also allows for fine-tuned control over access and management. Think of it as an insurance policy for all your company data. 


Document Mobility

How does a document get approved if a manager isn't at his desk? How much time is wasted in your office playing the waiting game? Most importantly, what could your team get done if they had less paperwork to do? Mobility is more than location-independence. It's making your documents smarter. What if your documents knew, through criteria you taught it, what documents need to be approved and which to send through without approval? Paper isn't smart enough to make decisions, but our smart processes are. Proper mobility is time better spent, and headaches avoided.


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