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Get more done with less

Document Management Software

Every day business owners and managers are challenged to deliver more productivity from existing people and resources.
One of the most common ways to gain efficiencies is by implementing a basic document management system.
At BMS we specialise in delivery of cost effective, easy to use, document management systems that provide the following key business advantages:
  • Achieve compliance by standardising how and where documents are stored
  • Increase customer satisfaction through ease and speed of access to documents by your staff
  • Increase productivity of your staff by making documents available in a mobile environment
  • Maintain security with complete control over who can access documents, and what level of functionality they have
  • Protect your business from disaster with a back-up & redundancy capability for your valuable business asset - information

Watch the video for a software demonstration.

Smart Search Software- Store and Manage Documents


We have partnered with SmartSearch to offer a complete document management solution that ensures you can find the information you need with ease, and eliminate your paper-based filing system.

It’s easy to search for specific index data or content - just like searching on the web.

You can also retrieve, group and sort documents saved within the software.

SmartSearch offers a reliable and complete solution for editing your documents securely and conveniently.

Collaboration is made easier, thanks to a check-in check out feature which prevents multiple users from making simultaneous changes to a document. Of course, while one person is editing a document, others can still view it.

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