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Improve efficiency in your organisation

Document Workflow

Do you need to make your business processes more efficient?
Would you like to replace your inefficient flow of paper-based files with automated data & document processes, but don’t know how?
Imagine being able to automate virtually any document driven process within your organization with software guaranteed to improve your workplace efficiency.

Below are just a few of the applications that can put your documents into motion.

document scheduling

Document Retention Scheduling

Set the regulatory requirements for your documents only once. Document retention is automatically managed by moving them offline and reminding you when it’s time for destruction.

Accounts Payable Automation

Eliminate the need for manually distributing invoices for approval. Users are notified & delivered a required approval which has been matched with any corresponding Purchase Orders or Packing slips – fully automating this common labour intensive process.


Contract Management

Before you sign on the bottom line, make sure your documents have been through the proper review cycle. By applying some workflow rules with the powerful revision control tools, you can be assured any required changes are tracked, reviewed and approved.

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