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Always keep your network safe from digital harm

IT Security Services

Your business data should always be secure.

Every digital touch point in your business is vulnerable, so it’s important to be proactive and protect yourself. 

How secure is your network?

Network Security

We provide a range of class-leading firewall devices to increase network visibility, providing your network with protection at the frontline perimeter, and from other web-based attacks. This is achieved via technologies designed to prevent DDoS attacks, malicious behaviour, and application level attacks.

Network security
Email security

Email Security

On-Premise Email security is required when you are running an internal email system such as Microsoft Exchange Server. Our preferred security solution is Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Advanced Edition.

Web Security

Modern web browsers lack sufficient security measures to protect you from web-based threats. Our web security platform monitors web activity and actively blocks any perceived threats such as a suspicious site or file accessed through your network

Web Security
Endpoint security

Endpoint Security

Whether it's a PC, tablet, smartphone, or even a USB device, every device on your network will be protected with the same security policies. Any device that doesn't meet the strict standards of your security rules is denied access to your network.

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