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Have the freedom to print from anywhere

MOBILE Printing

A staggering 72% of workers are unable to print a document from their mobile device.
(Source: Survey of 1500+ Australian office workers. 4th quarter 2012.)

The future of business technology is mobility, but aligning print needs with your device can be confusing.
If you need to print via your mobile device, we are able to design the right solution for you and your organisation with the uniFLOW print management platform.

Easy, accountable & secure

uniFLOW recognises that users need multiple ways - and places - to submit a job to print. Because users may have multiple devices, email addresses and document storage locations, these details are collated into one unique user profile for each person.

Regardless of where they are, users can authenticate themselves and release their print job from the queue securely from any device using the uniFLOW Mobile Printing app.
However a job is submitted, they can select the same finishing options, their usage can be tracked and accounted for, and security is not compromised.

This increases workforce mobility and ensures all documents are securely stored for authorised printing.


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