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An optimised print environment can save organisations up to

20-30% of printing costs

Print Control

Many business owners are not aware that printing is one of the hidden costs of business.
Printers and associated costs such as ink and paper have generally fallen into general office expenses.

Manage your costs

Recent US studies by the Gartner Group have shown that the total cost of all document processes within organisation can often be as high as 1%-3% of total revenue.

With this in mind, organisations are realising the importance of managing the production of documents and this includes general office printing.

Cost Management

A print control solution for small & medium businesses

Universal Login Manager may be all you need to take control & make savings.

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Universal Login Manager

Our managed print solution

At BMS we have a long record of providing fully managed print solutions (MPS) to our customers.

We focus on creating an environment where printing is controlled. We do this by:

  • Ensuring the fleet is optimised for both size and functionality
  • Replacing high cost devices with lower cost devices
  • Recognising energy usage and implementing a strategy to lower the cost of energy
  • Managing consumable supply to stop waste and loss
  • Encouraging changes to user behaviour in order to print less
  • Establishing print policies that eliminate waste printing

Looking to optimise your print fleet?

We have some suggestions...

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