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Do more with the same or fewer resources

Print efficiency

How to drive business efficiencies throughout the organisation is the number one organisational challenge today.

Create powerful productivity gains

A BMS Managed Print Solution give you the platform you need to create powerful productivity gains in document based processes.

Our solutions help you build an integrated print and scan management solution that provides a flexible, secure and scalable way to manage how documents move throughout your business, whilst optimising your entire print device range.


Print Management Platform

Our Print Management platform, uniFLOW, lets your office devices be used as a secure and seamless entry point of paper into ERP, CRM and DMS systems or simple network folders.

uniFLOW’s industry-leading compression technology reduces document sizes by up to 50 times their original size - neatly reducing digital storage costs.

uniFLOW can perform OCR (optical character recognition) and convert documents to editable formats, such as Microsoft Word, as well as extract text and barcodes for indexing.

Customised workflows

Customised workflows can be created for each printer depending on the needs of the department, and personal workflows can follow users as they move from device to device.

A well-controlled scanning and print environment with a versatile, streamlined workflow allows staff to power through jobs, increase overall output, and spend more time on revenue generating tasks.


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