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Your printers, copiers & scanners can do more than you think

We keep your print technology running smoothly so your team can be more productive.

The BMS solution

Printing is often a hidden and unnecessary cost. According to recent studies, your document processes, including printing, could be costing you as much as 1-3% of your total revenue.

Our managed print solutions can help. We provide:

  • Fleet optimisation
  • Lower cost devices
  • More efficient energy strategies
  • Reduced waste
  • Optimised employee printing strategies

If any of these are frustrations or concerns for your business, why not request an obligation free print audit from our team - you'll be surprised how much you might save. 

Our comprehensive approach can save your company as much as 30% on printing costs.






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Print Control

Many business owners are not aware that printing is one of the hidden costs of business.

Printers and associated costs such as ink and paper tend to fall into general office expenses and get overlooked all too frequently.

With the right kind of controls in place, it doesn't have to be this way.


Print Efficiency

Doing more with less is the most pressing challenge facing any modern organisation.

Our print solutions streamline document-based processes to provide a powerful source of productivity gains. It’s flexible, secure, and scalable.

Powerful results come from our powerful platform - uniFLOW, a secure and seamless point of entry for paper documents.

Smart OCR technology converts documents into editable digital formats, and customised workflows mean the platform can adapt to any situation.

All this adds up to increased output and a clearer, stronger focus on revenue-generating tasks.

Mobile Printing

As mobile devices become more prevalent, printing solutions lag behind. 72% of Australian office workers can’t print from a mobile device.

We can design our unique uniFLOW platform around your needs to modernise your printing strategy.

No matter where you are or what you need to print, uniFLOW makes mobile printing simple. The experience is consistent across devices and platforms, and works with major cloud platforms.

Employees can set up a print job from anywhere, verify credentials with the printer, and receive their paper document where and when they are ready. Security is built in, waste is eliminated, and automatic backups make for easy auditing.

Eco Friendly Solutions

Our print solutions incorporate easy steps that will reduce the environmental footprint of your printer fleet.

Many companies are looking for practical ways to cut costs and help the environment.  Typically, in a tight economy, it is difficult to adopt green initiatives because they can seem expensive.  However, with a few simple adjustments, your company can effectively cut costs and significantly reduce your carbon footprint.


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