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Planting trees to offset the paper our clients print on every year 

Certified reforestation with printreleaf


As an organisation that sells copiers and multi-function devices, we acknowledge that by default this contributes to the massive volume of paper that is consumed, locally, regionally, nationally and then globally.

Therefore it is our responsibility to reduce our environmental footprint, and encourage our clients to do the same. One tree at a time.

To do this, we have partnered with Printreleaf, an international organisation that guarantees to offset the number of pages we print with an equivalent number of trees that are planted in certified reforestation projects around the world. 

The really special part of this program is that both our clients and our team can be actively involved and choose where they would like trees planted - keeping track of them as they grow over the coming 8 years.



See how

it works

Watch the official Printreleaf intro video to see the program at work.

Try the Printreleaf demo

Spend a minute or two using the Printreleaf digital dashboard to choose the certified reforestation projects you'd like to plant trees in. 

Give it a try

Printreleaf Standard

Download a detailed explanation of how the program is calculated & certified.

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